40% Initial Retainer Payment (Non-Refundable)

  • This is a NON-REFUNDABLE payment made towards booking the date and time with IC. In the case of a cancellation, this retainer saves you from having to pay a Kill Fee, as long as you are canceling AT LEAST 2 Weeks before the scheduled shoot date.

60% Final Payment

  • This payment must be initiated on or before the Scheduled Shoot Date. 
    • If a Kill Fee is initiated, the Kill Fee percentage is taken out of this payment

Scheduled Shoot Day

  • This is a predetermined date that is coordinated between the Client and IC. Once a date is agreed upon, Client and IC will complete a sign-off finalizing the Scheduled Shoot Day. This day consists of but is not limited to travel, load-in, set up, shooting, tear down, brainstorming, etc. The Client cannot book the Scheduled Shoot Date within 2 weeks of that date. If the Client books within those 2 weeks, Client will incur a Rush Shoot Date Fee.

Rush Shoot Date Fee

  • A $XXX Fee is applied when the Client books within 2 weeks of the Scheduled Shoot Day. IC does not guarantee availability for the Rush Shoot Date option.

Day Rate

  • UP TO 8 Hours of Shoot Time (setup, & teardown included)
  • 1 Hour Break Required when shooting over 6 hours in one day
  • Includes Base Kit
  • Does not include Travel
  • Client is given SD Card at the end of the scheduled shoot date
  • Client will still be charged full day rate if they use less than 8 hours

1 Hour Break Time (on 8+ hour days)

  • In a 6-8 Hour Shooting Period, a 1 Hour Break is required. (This makes a Full Day of 9 hours)

Base Kit

  • Base kit consists of 1 camera capable of 4k standard frame rate and 1080p slow motion kitted with a full railed & balanced rig (Matte Box w/ Top Flag & Drop-In ND Filters, Cage w/ top handle, V-mount External Power & Atomos Field Screen Recorder). This also includes a video tripod and 14mm, 35mm, 85mm & 70-200mm lenses. Lastly, audio is captured by an on-board shotgun mic with the option for upgrade.

Kit Fees ($1,000 Per Day for ALL Kit Bundle)

  • 2nd Camera ($200 Per Day // INTERVIEW ONLY)
  • LED Panel Lighting ($100 Per Day)
  • Studio Lighting ($200 Per Day)
  • Lav Mics ($50 Per Mic, Per Day)
  • Professional Audio Recorder & Boom Mic ($150 Per Day)
  • Gimbal ($150 Per Day)
  • Automated Slider ($100 Per Day)

Gear Rental (total $$ dependent on where we’re renting from)

  • Cinema Cameras
    • Top Quality Cinema Quality Filming
  • Additional Cameras
    • B-Cam Camera
    • 2nd Shooter Camera
  • Lenses
    • Cinema Glass
    • Specialty Lenses
  • Lighting
    • LED Panels
    • Studio Lights
    • Light Sticks
    • RGB Lights
  • Support
    • Light Stands
    • Mic Stands
    • Tripods
    • Cranes
    • Sliders

Additional Crew (There are so many other specialised roles in a film crew that could amp up your video. Makeup artists, prop-masters, assistant directors, helicam operators, I could go on. Every video project is unique and having the right crew in place is crucial to its success. With the right people on board you will make the most of your time, dodge any foreseeable bullets, and get a better video in the end.)

  • Director / Camera Operator DUO
    • When you want someone who you trust to oversee the process, we hire a Director OR we hire another Camera Operator to fill for IC, as IC will act as Director.
  • Additional Camera Operators
    • When we need multiple angles for a scene, we don’t almost ever recommend just throwing another camera on a tripod and considering that good footage. We will always recommend an operator behind cameras where we see fit.
  • Sound Recordist
    • Most cameras only have 2 audio inputs. That means if there are 3 microphones being used on set and only 1 camera, a sound recordist is an essential part of the crew.
  • Gaffer
    • Electrical & Lighting experts
    • Transport equipment
    • Help setup & tear down
  • Runner
    • Travel to get supplies leading up to or on the day of shoot
    • Help setup & tear down
    • Sometimes larger productions require bigger crews
  • On Screen Talent
    • Actor, Actress, Model, etc
  • Interviewer
  • VFX
  • Editor

Push Fee

  • A $XXX Fee is charged if Client wants or needs to reschedule the original shoot date. Client cannot reschedule within 2 weeks from original shoot date. Client can reschedule within 2-4 weeks from original shoot date dependent upon IC’s availability. If Client chooses to reschedule, Client agrees to communicate with and cooperate with IC to book another date.
    • Backend Exception: If Client 100% wants to book with us again but scheduled shoot date is outside of the Push Fee Timeframe (2-4 Weeks), we will waive the kill fee given the 1st deposit (40% Retainer) of the next job is paid at this time.

Kill Fee

  • A 25% fee is charged if cancelling within 7-14 days before the scheduled shoot date. The fee will change to 50% between 2-6 days, and 75% within 48 hours before the scheduled shoot. The fee will be applied to the 60% Final Payment. (i.e. If a client cancels between 2-6 days before a scheduled shoot, 50% of the 60% Final Payment will be charged to the client as a “Kill Fee”)

Travel / Hotel / Per Diem Fees

  • Travel (Gas and / or Car Rental and / or Air Transportation)
    • Gas
      • While we charge 50 Cents Per Mile, the National Mileage Rate is 57.5 Cents Per Mile.
    • Air Transportation and Car Rental
      • If Client’s Shoot Location is further than 1200 Miles Round Trip (600 to Shoot Location, 600 back from Shoot Location), Client is expected to pay for IC’s air travel and / or car rental. IC is the sole decision maker for mode of transportation if Client’s Shoot Location is at or beyond 1200 Miles Round Trip. If IC chooses to drive his personal vehicle, Client is expected to pay beyond Gas and Mileage for additional expenses (vehicle wear and tear) incurred during this travel.
  • Hotel (Due upon receipt or booked ahead of time by Client for IC)
    • Standard, national hotel groups (Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels)
    • Day Of
      • Over 8 Hours of Shooting
      • Shoot goes beyond 8PM or into the next day
    • Night Before
      • Call time before 9AM
      • Travel time is 2 or more hours
  • Per Diem
    • Client will pay IC Per Diem Payments to cover daily expenses such as food, beverages, and other incidental expenses. South Carolina’s average Per Diem Payments are $60 PER DAY.

Upscaled Footage Fee

  • Our camera is capable of recording 4K footage at standard frame rates, but to get that buttery slow motion, we are forced to record in 1080. However, don’t worry! We have a special tool to upscaled (increase resolution) that slow motion footage to 4K, thereby increasing the bitrate, which is nerd language for better quality footage to work with. The Fee for this service is $1.50 per Gigabyte of footage with a MAX of 240GB per SSD Backup Hard Drive. When a 240GB SSD Backup Hard Drive isn’t all the way full, a minimum charge of $200 will be charged or the $1.50 per GB, whichever is greater.
    • Footage goes from SD Card to SSD Hard Drive written from the Atomos Screen Recorder.
    • $1.50 per GB of data transfer & upscaled per 240GB SSD = $360 per SSD of footage

SSD Backup Hard Drive

  • We take the Scheduled Shoot Day Footage SD Card back with us after the shoot. From there we will backup the footage from the SD Card onto a SSD Backup Hard Drive. Client provides an address to ship the backup to, of which the shipping is included in this option’s price. (DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOTAGE UPSCALED FOR THIS EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE OPTION). The Fee for this service is $1.00 per Gigabyte of footage. When a SSD Backup Hard Drive isn’t all the way full, a minimum charge of $200 will be charged or the $1.00 per GB, whichever is greater.

Intellectual Property

  • IC retains Intellectual Property Rights to all footage shot on Scheduled Shoot Day. This means that IC will be able to use the footage shot as a promotional tool for his own professional gain. This option can be eliminated by purchasing the Full Media Rights.

Full Media Rights Fee

  • A $750 Fee is charged when the Client opts to retain all rights to the footage provided by IC. This includes but is not limited to personal, professional, and reproduction rights.